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Indoor Display Effects


Confetti Cannons
Confetti cannons fire confetti and rosepetals up to 12 meters. Various colours are available. The cannons fire with a firm pop, which adds to the effect.
Streamer Cannons
These cannons fire streamers up to 30m. Various colours are available.

These devices emit columns of golden sparks. They come in numerous durations and heights.


The flames comes in different colours and heights. We can create five balls with short bursts or durationsfor up to 30 seconds.


As the name suggests this effect leaves a glittering tail across the stage. The effect simulates a comet burning up in the earth’s atmosphere on a dark cloudless night.


CO2 Jets
This effect makes a column of vapor, which is similar to that of a dry ice effect. The effect evaporates in a brief moment when the jets are turned off. The effect could also be used to create a low-lying fog on a stage.


Confetti Blaster
These machines run off 33kg CO2 bottles and are capable of discharging large amounts of confetti. These machines are used in stadiums and large venues.


This effect creates a wall of bright sparks. As the name suggests the devices are placed overhead to create the effect of a waterfall.


Stage Mine
Burst of stars in various colours.


Bubbles and Snow Effect
Bubble machine produces from 600 - 1200 bubbles per minute.


Dry-Ice Effect
Low lying fog using dry ice. The effect does not rise like a smoke machine. This effect can last up to 10 mins.


Rose Petal Cannons
This effect simulates falling rose petals.


These devices emit a burst of sparks with a "bang". They are suspended overhead. These effects are favourably used for stage production.





Public Liability
We carry public liability under the name of Sky Blazer Technologies.

Permits and permission

We obtain all necessary permits and permission on your behalf.
We do however require a letter of appointment from the client or organizer, which we will provide on acceptance of a quotation.


A fifty percent deposit is required to book the show, with the balance payable 1 week before firing.



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