We add spectacular value to our clients functions.

Core Values:

  1. Safety at all times is our first consideration.
  2. We offer a professional, friendly service to our clients.
  3. We use modern technology to achieve the best effects.
  4. Our pleasure is derived from satisfied clients.
  5. Innovation will keep our company relevant into the future.

The Company

Sky Blazer Technologies CC is a dynamic company which has grown from strength to strength over the past decade.
The company was started by Andrew Parkins, who, from a young age had a passion for pyrotechnics. This passion continues to grow from day to day.
Sky Blazer Technologies cc has an unmarked safety record.

The company provides indoor & outdoor firework displays for wedding receptions, casinos, large corporates, private functions and concert tours. Spectators are left spellbound.


Adding to the uniqueness of the company is the fact that we are able to fire pyro-musicals. These shows are fired electronically from a laptop to ensure precise timing with each effect.


SkyBlazer Technologies is B-BBEE compliant. We carry Public Liability Insurance.


Andrew Parkins
Andrew has a diploma in mechanical engineering and has studied explosives through UNISA. He has managed to merge his passion for fireworks into a successful business, and enjoys adding value to the lives of the people with whom he deals.

Contributing to the success of this company are registered Pyro Technicians.

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